117_unionThe built heritage, is represented by the public and private Victorian-Era buildings in our historic downtown and nearby residential streets.  The Town of Woodstock have registered over fifty properties to the Local Historic Places Register.

The Town Council had a voluntary building design guidelines document drafted in 2003.

The Carleton County Historical Society in partnership with the Greater Woodstock Tourism Partnership established a self guided walking tour for interested parties to learn about the Victorian architect.  The tour begins at the L.P. Fisher Public Library, (679 Main Street), and travels the downtown streets, creating a loop and ending at Connell House (128 Connell Street).

Guides are available at Town Hall, L.P. Fisher Public Library, Visitor Information Centre, or Connell House.

Greenway Downtown Woodstock (4)Woodstock was created by its rivers.  The Maliseet people who first lived around the mouth of the Meduxnekeag belonged to the “Wulustukwik”, the “people of the great river”.  When the Loyalist refugee settlers arrived in the 1780’s, they also found the land where the Meduxnekeag joined the “great river” by then known as the St. John, a good place to live, and the Town of Woodstock developed here in the 19th Century.  Traditionally, the rivers were used for transportation and for recreation.